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Meet Nikki Rowe

The beginning

Nikki Rowe was raised in the sunny state, QLD, Australia.

She has always been one to travel a road, yet to be paved. Leaving home at 15 to set out on her solo adventure of being an old soul in a modern world. She found home with in The Sunshine Coast, not to far from where she grew up. In the next few years, she had a child and published her first book. Navigating through single parenthood, and creating a business, she was finding her feet. Her dreams wouldn't quit her, despite the challenges. Her biggest test of adversity was to come when she was apart of a life changing car accident, wearing the brunt of impact, leaving her part immobilsed with a life diagnosis of one of the most hideous complex neurological disorders known to man kind, CRPS. A pain condition notibly the highest recorded pain on the McGill pain scale, above child birth and amputation. She spent her time in stillness, doing therapies and neurological programs to help her rise again. With only small progress over a span of 5 years, she found herself, once again - limited. With nowhere to run and no where to turn, she went within. From a young age, her seer gifts have kept her grounded, on earth. In whatshe calls the darkest month of her existence, she opened a patwhway to the realm of light consciousness. A space, she would channel energy to help her navigate through her terrible spasms, broken limbs, relentess pain, tremors, plus much more. She started noticing results within weeks, although not undersanding the magic of what she was experiencing, the proof of healing was to grande' to ignore. Noticed also by her docor and close circle of support, she continued down a path not yet walked 

Do you have CRPS?

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